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In 1997, West Coast Machining, Inc., acquired an existing business that had been providing tooling for the forging industry since 1984. Sonia Duran, CEO of West Coast Machining, Inc., had been working for the previous company since 1988. On her first day of work, she quickly knew she would one day own the company. On that thought, West Coast Machining, Inc., opened its doors in the city of Paramount.

In 1999, West Coast Machining, Inc., moved to its present location in Santa Fe Springs and doubled in size. Now located in over 18,000 square feet of manufacturing space, West Coast Machining, Inc., has the capacity to take on the most challenging tooling and production jobs. “We have machined tooling up to 42,000 pounds,” says Fred Duran, president and in-house engineer with twenty-three years of experience in the forging industry. Our VTL machines have a maximum swing of 174 inches with 91 inches under rail. We can turn up to 30-41 inches maximum swing on our lathes with 124 inches between centers.  Our mills have a maximum table capacity of 28 x 120 inches.” This kind of capacity, combined with fourteen loyal and talented employees, means West Coast Machining, Inc., is among the top tooling and production manufacturers in Southern California.

 West Coast Expands Products & Services

West Coast Machining, Inc., is looking to expand its services to serve a larger segment of the precision manufacturing industry. Recent equipment acquisitions have enhanced West Coast’s machining capabilities. Larger capacity machines mean that West Coast can take on jobs that most others cannot. “Our plans for growth at West Coast Machining, Inc., call for new markets and new products,” says Fred Duran, president. “We are bringing our machining capacity and expertise to new areas of the manufacturing industry.” Diversification is one of the keys to longevity in contract manufacturing, and West Coast Machining, Inc., plans to serve its customers, both old and new, for many years to come.

Loyal Employees at West Coast Machining, Inc.

When you want to turn 42,000 pounds of alloy steel into a tool for the forging industry, you need talented machinists who know the particulars of this critical machining process. This kind of knowledge is gained through years of hands-on experience running the large VTLs and other equipment that removes thousands of pounds of metal to create these precision tools.

The employees at West Coast Machining have been with the company for an average of fifteen years. “Some of our employees have been with us since the beginning. We consider them part of the family and crucial to the overall success of West Coast Machining,” says Sonia Duran. “West Coast’s employees will do whatever it takes to meet customer demands, and you can’t put a price tag on that.” Employee loyalty is at the foundation of West Coast’s commitment to quality and customer service. Experience the commitment for yourself.

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